University Research Committee Small and Mid-Range Grant Programs (URC)

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URC grants provide funding to faculty to engage in worthy research projects that would not qualify for external funding or in projects that may not yet qualify for external funding but that may provide the foundation for seeking external funding.


All full-time faculty members at Baylor University, regardless of academic rank, may apply to the Committee for financial assistance in conducting research projects. However, visiting faculty and adjunct faculty are not eligible.

Faculty members who received funding in the first round of FY 2020 URC funding are not eligible to apply for the spring round.

Fall Competition Deadlines

Fall URC/AHFRP Application DeadlineSeptember 28, 2020

Spring Competition Deadlines


Levels of Funding

  1. Small Grant Program: Up to $4,500 may be requested under the small grant program.
  2. Mid-range Grant Program: Awards ranging in amounts of $4,501-$7,500 are also available. The submission of an actual external proposal within one year of the project's ending date is an additional requirement of this award.

Funding Rates for URC

Fiscal Year Number of Proposals Number of Awards Funding Rate Total Funding
FY18 57 34 59.6% $149,550
FY17 58 32 55.2% $149,675
FY16 42 31 73.8% $149,665
FY15 58 34 58.6% $156,500
FY14 52 34 65.4% $149,327

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