University Research Committee Awards (ONE-URC)

The Office of Vice Provost for Research (OVPR) has revised internal funding opportunities under a single unified umbrella called “ONE-URC” that will accept a diverse-range of grant proposals twice per academic year (once in the fall semester and once in the spring semester). While ONE URC replaces a variety of previous OVPR funding opportunities, its purpose to fund meritorious faculty research remains the same. The overarching goal is to concurrently enhance outstanding faculty research endeavors while maximizing return on investment thus advancing the R1/T1 aspirations of Baylor University.

Details and Guideline Considerations

  1. The application process to ONE-URC will be streamlined for efficacy and to minimize faculty work-load. Each applicant will clearly articulate their type of request and provide a standard proposal focused on pertinent supportive data along with accompanying details, budget, and timeline.
  2. ONE-URC recognizes the unique attributes and challenges faced by faculty in areas of humanities, fine arts, certain areas of social science, health and human sciences, (etc.) in regard to limited availability of external funding opportunities and the type of resources needed to complete significant projects (such as book projects, exhibitions, survey-based inquiries, etc). ONE-URC (like URC before) will be receptive to noteworthy proposals in these and related areas.
  3. The committee recognizes that faculty in STEM and related fields also face major challenges in securing the funds necessary to advance promising research projects. Although there are significantly more external funding opportunities available to STEM faculty (including NSF, NIH, DOD, etc), it is also of concern that the successful funding rates for many of these programs remain low. Importantly, for most faculty in STEM and related fields, the amount of money necessary to support research mandates successful navigation of the external funding domain.
    1. The committee anticipates funding projects from STEM faculty that have PREVIOUSLY been submitted to external agencies and have received FAVORABLY strong external reviews but missed the pay-line.
    2. In addition, ONE-URC will remain receptive to highly meritorious research endeavors from faculty that advance new and innovative projects with high potential for future funding from external agencies.
  4. Although some maximum limit on ONE-URC funds to individual faculty members over an established period of time will be implemented, ONE-RUC envisions that the primary driver of future successful ONE-URC proposals will be the successful translation of previous ONE-URC funding to awarded external grants.
  5. ONE-URC anticipates establishing two levels of funding for which faculty applicants can apply [Standard Awards (up to $5,000) and Large Awards ($5,001 to $50,000)]. The proposal and accompanying budget justification should clearly articulate the need for and intended use of the requested funds.
  6. The period of performance for each cycle of grants will be 12 months. The Spring award cycle will require funds to be used between June 1st and May 31st. The Fall award cycle will require funds to be expended between January 1st and December 31st.


Full-time Baylor faculty, regardless of academic rank, are eligible to serve as principal investigators or ONE URC research grants. Visiting faculty, adjunct faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and research associates are not eligible to serve as principal investigators.

Deadlines and Notification

  • Fall Application Deadline - Oct. 7, 2022, by 11:59 p.m.
  • Spring Application Deadline - TBA

Final Report

Investigators who receive URC funding must submit an online final report within 60 days of the end of their project period. The link to the report will be provided in the award letter.

Forms and Guidelines

  • Internal awards are not routed through Pre-Award and University Research Administrators. For questions about program guidelines, please contact Dr. Stacey L. Smith, Director of Research Development, or you may contact the committee chair, Dr. Kevin Pinney (x4117). For budget questions about awarded URC grants, you may contact Sherri Honza. If you have questions when building your proposal budget, please refer to your business officer and/or HRC.
  • Application
    To submit an application to the URC, please email the completed application and appendices (if applicable) to by 11:59 pm of the posted deadline.

    Download Application