What is BioRAFT?

BioRAFT is an online laboratory management system and our online IBC registration platform. All BU labs performing any sort of biological research need to register using BioRAFT with the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) for review and oversight per federal and institutional requirements. Use of BioRAFT is required.

BioRAFT Login

How do I register or revise research in BioRAFT?

To register or revise your research for IBC review, you need to enter all relevant information into the BioRAFT "Bio Summary" (aka "Usage Summary" or "Bio Registration" or "IBC Registration"). The BioRAFT Bio Summary is designed to communicate the biohazardous aspects of your research to the IBC so that it can properly review and approve your work. The registration of your lab in BioRAFT is conveniently setup to ask you specific questions ("surveys") about your research to make this process easier. As the PI, you will be required to complete a series of surveys in BioRAFT that are aimed to identify the biohazards involved in your research program (rDNA, cells, animals, toxins, human source materials/cells, pathogenic microbes, viruses, etc). If you have already have a Bio Summary and need to update it, you can edit any of these surveys to make the necessary modifications.

Once this information has been inputted, BioRAFT will then prompt you to "certify" that your Bio Summary (registration) is complete and correct. Once certified, you will be asked to initial several compliance statements before submitting the registration. IMPORTANT NOTE: The information will only be sent to the Biological Safety Officer for pre-review after it has been certified and submitted by the PI.

The Biological Safety Officer (BSO) will then review your BioRAFT Bio Summary, discuss any questions or concerns with you during a risk assessment (which may include a lab inspection). It is in your best interest that the information you provide in BioRAFT is complete and accurate so that the IBC can conduct a thorough and accurate review. Lacking or incorrect information may delay your approval process.

If you would like help completing your BioRAFT Biological Registration, please contact Wyndi Klement, BSO, for assistance.

The Basic Steps:

  1. Login to the BioRAFT system with your BearID and password.
  2. Click on your lab's tab on the left to drop down the menu for your lab.
  3. Select View Lab Profile to see a summary of your lab.
  4. Once in the View Lab Profile, select the "Bio" tab at the top of your profile page to get to your Bio Summary.
  5. To enter/edit your information, click on "View or Update Biological Usage Summary" found within your Bio Summary box.
  6. Complete or edit all relevant biological surveys
  7. Be sure to hit "certify" at the bottom of your Bio Usage Summary to go to Submit page (even for revisions)
  8. Be sure to initial boxes and then hit "certify and submit"

Questions concerning IBC:

Office of Research Compliance
Pat Neff Hall, 3rd Floor