Report a Concern

Individuals are encouraged to report any concerns related to Baylor University research to the appropriate individuals promptly, so that effective action can be taken to mitigate those concerns.

Non-Anonymous Reporting

The Principal Investigator for the study can be contacted if the contact information for the researcher or the principal investigator is available and if the individual feels comfortable contacting the researcher directly.

Concerns may also be reported to the Assistant Vice Provost for Research, Director of Compliance through your choice of contact:

254-710-1438 or 254-710-3708
Office of the Vice Provost for Research
Office of Research Compliance
One Bear Place #97310
Waco, TX 76798-7310

When submitting a report, please include enough information so that the Office of Research Compliance can conduct an investigation and take appropriate action. Please specify if you would like to be contacted with a follow up report and whether or not you would like the research team to have your contact information to directly contact you if the report warrants such an action. Your privacy will be maintained to the extent necessary to conduct an investigation into the report.

Anonymous Reporting

If it is desirable to bring an issue to the University’s attention anonymously, you may use the Baylor hotline (1-866-384-4277 toll-free) or web site Both are administered by an independent company called EthicsPoint, which protects your anonymity.