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Required CITI Human Subject Research Training

All investigators and key personnel who participate in the design, conduct, or reporting of human subjects research (including exempt research) must be appropriately trained in the protection of human subjects.

Baylor University uses the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) web-based courses to satisfy the requirement for training in human subject research. Initial and continuing education (every 4 years) are required. All key personnel must have current CITI training before any study-related submission (e.g., amendment, continuing review or new IRB application) is accepted and reviewed. Failure to complete CITI training or allowing CITI training to expire will result in a delay in review of the submission.

Eight core training modules are required. Additional training modules are available to address more specific aspects of human subject research that are not applicable to all projects. The IRB encourages investigators to complete any additional modules that are applicable to your research, and for instructors to use them as a resource in teaching and mentoring student investigators.

To access CITI training choose one of the following options:

  1. I have never used CITI training.
  2. I have used CITI before at Baylor University.
    • You can access your previous CITI Coursework or continue coursework already in progress by logging into the CITI Training site directly at
    • If you need to obtain your CITI login credentials, use this form to have them emailed to you. Retrieve your CITI Login
  3. I have used CITI before at another Institution.

After you have obtained a CITI account, Use the following guides for completing your CITI training requirement.

If you are collaborating with individuals not affiliated with Baylor

  • For exempt protocols, the IRB recommends that collaborators not affiliated with Baylor complete the Baylor required CITI training if they are not covered by another institution’s IRB.
  • For expedited and full protocols, collaborators not covered by another institution’s IRB are required to complete Baylor’s training. They may access the training by creating an account with CITI at and selecting “Baylor University” as their affiliated institution when creating their institution profile. You do not need a Baylor ID or e-mail account to create an institution profile.
  • Collaborators covered by another institution’s IRB have to complete their institutions’ required training.

For CITI training assistance, please contact:

Office of Research Compliance
Pat Neff Hall, 3rd Floor