Researcher Responsibilities

PIPrincipal InvestigatorChairDepartment Chair
DeanCollege DeanORAOffice of Research Advancement (OVPR)
OSPOffice of Sponsored Research (OVPR)URAUniversity Research Administrators (OVPR) (Coming Soon)
LIBUniversity Libraries- Research and EngagementORCOffice of Research Compliance (OVPR)
OGCOffice of General CounselGAGrants Accounting
MACMarketing & Communications (OVPR)
Identifying Funding Opportunities (PRE-AWARD)
Search for opportunitiesXXXX X 
Provide guidance on opportunities XXX   
Identify internal funding resourcesXXXX   
Identify collaboratorsX  X   
Proposal Preparation (PRE-AWARD)
Request OSP ticket/ Box folderX    X 
Write proposal narrativeX      
Edit/proofread proposal narrative   X   
Identify subawardees/contractors and request appropriate documentationX   XX 
Develop budget and budget justificationX   X  
Identify cost sharing requirementsX   X  
Approve cost sharing requestsXXX X  
Secure letters of University commitment, if necessary    X  
Draft letters of support (e.g., mentors, collaborators)X  X   
Draft supplemental documents (e.g., logic models, biosketches)X  X   
Collect and track supplemental documents (e.g., letters of support, biosketches)     X 
Provide guidance/training on proposal preparation XXXXX 
Develop data management planX    XLIB
Complete proposal routing form and route for approvalsX    X 
Proposal Review and Approval (PRE-AWARD)
Confirm proposal meets sponsor requirements for formatting and complianceX  XXX 
Review budget for sponsor requirements for formatting and complianceXXX XX 
Review and approve final proposal before sending to OSPXXXX X 
Provide final approval of proposal    X  
Proposal Submission (PRE-AWARD)
Upload final documents to funding platforms (e.g., FastLane,    X 
Proposals required to be submitted by authorized official credentials    X  
Obtain hardcopy/original signatures    X  
Proposals required to be mailed, hand-delivered, or emailed directly X   X  
Regulatory Compliance Requirement (POST-AWARD)
Complete and submit compliance forms (e.g., IRB, IACUC), if requiredX    XORC
Review and complete conflict of interest disclosureX   X ORC
Confirm all applicable compliance forms have been completed as appropriateX   XXORC
Award Acceptance and Set-Up (POST-AWARD)
Accept sponsor notification of an award    X  
Review terms and conditions    X ORC
Review and approve programmatic termsX   X ORC,ORG
Negotiate terms and conditions with sponsor    X OGC
Signed agreement by Baylor’s AOR    X OGC
Confirm compliance requirements (e.g., IRB, IACUC) have been metX   X OGC
Ensure cost sharing is documented (if applicable)X   X  
Establish award in TRAX and notify PI of project number and award documents    X  
Publicize grant award      MAC
Conducting and Managing the Project (POST-AWARD)
Prepare and submit BearQuest and TSA documentationX    X 
Initiate purchases on the projectX      
Initiate prior approvals for project changes (e.g., PI, scope, extensions, effort) to OSPX      
Review and approve changes and forward to sponsor, if necessary    X  
Confirm compliance requirements (e.g., IRB, IACUC) have been met for any project changes if applicableX     ORC
Initiate rebudget requests to OSPX      
Review and approve rebudget requests and forward to sponsor, if necessary    X  
Review financial reports and oversee expendituresX   XXGA
Invoicing and Financial Reporting and Compliance (POST-AWARD)
Prepare and submit invoices or financial reports to sponsor    X  
Receive and deposit payment from sponsor      GA
Produce letter of credit draw requests      GA
Monitor collections of overdue payments    X GA
Issuance of Subawards (POST-AWARD)
Oversee programmatic aspects of subaward(s)X    X 
Prepare, negotiate, and execute subaward(s)    X  
Prepare and monitor contracts/vendor purchase ordersX    X 
Subrecipient monitoringX   XX 
Review and approve subaward invoicesX   XX 
Confirm subaward compliance requirements (e.g., IRB, IACUC) have been met and execute institutional agreements as necessary X     ORC,OGC
Technical Reports (POST-AWARD)
Prepare technical reportsX      
Submit technical reports that require institutional approval    X  
Submit technical reports that do not require institutional approvalX      
Project Closeout (POST-AWARD)
Ensure all expenditures have posted to accountX   XX 
Prepare final invoice    X  
Approve final invoiceX   X  
Ensure all financial reports have been submitted to sponsor    X  
Ensure all technical reports have been submitted to sponsorX   X  
Ensure invention, patent, etc. reports have been submitted to the sponsor    X  
Close project account in TRAX    X GA
Maintain official project documents    X  
Retain required records per sponsor and institutional policyX   XXORC