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Elevate will guide the research transformation at Baylor University and facilitate progress towards research goals outlined within Illuminate. This project aims to 1) realign central research administration functions to strengthen collaboration, improve efficiencies, and clarify responsibilities, 2) establish consistent and university-wide local support for faculty and decrease administrative burden, 3) update research policies and business processes to strengthen compliance and increase efficiencies, and 4) develop performance measures to improve accountability and establish service expectations

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Key Accomplishments

Realign Roles & Responsibilities

  • Finalized future state vision for the OVPR organization
  • Drafted updated job descriptions for all realigned management positions
  • Met with HR to vet job descriptions and transition strategy
  • Realigned post-award tasks from the Controller’s Office to Post-Award Administration within the OVPR
  • Hired Assistant Vice Provost for Research, Post-Award and a team of three post-award Financial Analysts

Establish University Faculty Support

  • Met with 20+ faculty and staff currently involved in local research administration activities
  • Drafted initial framework for service delivery model, including initial staffing ranges and allocation of resources across schools
  • Drafted initial framework for service delivery model, including initial staffing ranges and allocation of resources across schools
  • Hired, trained, and rolled out URA support to all Baylor research units

Redesign Policies and Processes

  • Developed prioritization of policies and processes to be updated in coordination with OVPR and Controller's Office
  • Participated in Ignite design sessions and procurement planning discussions to advise on best practice and ensure consistency and alignment with OVPR goals and vision
  • Developed key policies and procedures to support OVPR realignment and participated in Ignite design and testing sessions to advise on best practice
  • Obtaining signature delegation for OVPR leadership to expedite contract execution timeline
  • Aligned OVPR and Development on direction for proposal development and tracking, foundations relations, faculty and department support, and receipt management

Develop Performance Metrics

  • Conducted RADIUS Benchmarking Survey to inform future state organizational and business process improvements, including staffing headcounts, process redesign, and guidance for prioritization and sequencing of the Research IT Roadmap
  • Confirmed high priority metrics and goals for service delivery to faculty and other constituents
  • Drafted initial dashboard of key OVPR operational metrics to be developed each month in a metrics reporting tool