Conflict of Interest in Research

Baylor University follows several federal, state, and University policies and guidelines that govern the disclosure of outside interests and the management of individual or personal conflicts of interest (COI) and conflict of commitments (COC) for research. The COI research compliance program provides oversight of and the procedural structure for outside interest disclosure; and, in conjunction with University Compliance & Risk Services, the review of potential conflicts of interest and management of identified conflicts.

Click here to read the Policy on Conflict of Interest in Research and Technology Transfer.

To whom does the policy apply?

The Policy on Conflicts of Interest in Research and Technology Transfer applies to all Baylor University research personnel responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of research and who are currently participating in, or submitting proposals to participate in, research funded by a) federal, state and/or local government agencies, b) commercial sponsors, and c) other organizations funding research at or on behalf of Baylor University. Principal Investigators of non-funded non-exempt research involving human or animal subjects also fall under this policy.

What is the definition of research personnel?

"Research Personnel" refers to the following: tenure/tenure track faculty, research faculty, research associates, post-doctoral research fellows, and others identified at the time of proposal submission as having potential for a conflict of interest related to a research activity that involves their University responsibilities. This includes all full-time, part-time, regular FTE, temporary, and contract research personnel and others acting on Baylor’s behalf in the performance of University-related research.

How do research personnel disclose?

All research personnel who are responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of research must complete a * Research Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form. The form needs to be completed:

  • At least annually
  • At the time of submission for new funding.
  • For non-funded proposals, at the time of submission of non-exempt human or animal protocols if conflicts of interest related to the research exist (Principal Investigators only).
  • Within 30 days of discovering or acquiring a new significant financial interest.
  • A significant change to a previous disclosure

* This form must be submitted even if you do not have anything to disclose.

Failure to submit a disclosure may delay the submission of proposals or the release of research funding.

Where do I submit the Research Conflict of Interest Disclosure form?

Submit the disclosure form to

If you have any questions, please contact Research Compliance at:
(254) 710-6812