Conflict of Interest in Research

  • To manage conflicts of interest all Baylor faculty and staff must complete a conflict of interest disclosure annually via an electronic form. Any change in status during the year requires the faculty or staff member to update this form.

  • In addition, faculty and staff engaged in sponsored research are also subject to COI regulations imposed by federal, state, and local agencies that sponsor their research. These regulations vary depending upon the agency, but in general require that institutions and investigators assure that the design, conduct, and reporting of research findings are free from bias resulting from the financial interests of the investigators and staff must complete a COI disclosure form for both Baylor and the applicable regulatory agency.

  • Public Health Service (PHS) agencies have policies governing conflicts of interest for funded projects. For more information about the PHS policy and how it affects Baylor researchers, click here.

  • Other federal agencies are also considering COI policy revisions. Investigators may contact OSP to learn more about the financial conflicts of interest requirements for other federal funding.