Internal Funding

Internal funding opportunities are funded by Baylor University and support Baylor faculty from any academic unit in their research and related activities. The links below contain more information about each program as well as abstracts of previously funded projects.

Important Update: The University Research Committee (URC) has been charged with examining the OVPR internal grants and processes so that we may provide a higher and more consistent level of grant support. All upcoming internal grants (with the exclusion of URC and URSA) are suspended until the URC makes recommendations in January 2020.

Research Project Grants

Program Funds Available Application Deadline(s)*

Faculty Research Investment Program (FRIP)

FRIP grants are awarded for the purpose of enhancing the ability of faculty to compete for external research funds. Preference is given to faculty who are doing additional research to address specific problems mentioned in critiques of a major external proposal that has previously been submitted or who are doing initial research that will serve as the foundation for a major research project that has a high probability of attracting significant external funding. Proposals are externally peer-reviewed.

$25,000 TBD

Young Investigator Development Program (YIDP)

YIDP grants are awarded for the purpose of enhancing the ability of newly appointed tenure-track faculty to compete for external research funding. Proposals are externally peer-reviewed.

$25,000 TBD

University Research Committee Small and Mid-Range Grant Programs (URC)

URC grants provide funding to faculty to engage in worthy research projects that would not qualify for external funding or in projects that may not yet qualify for external funding but that may provide the foundation for seeking external funding. Proposals are peer-reviewed by the URC committee.

$4,500 (Small Grants) $7,500 (Mid-range Grants) October 3, 2019 (fall) TBA - 2020 (spring)

Arts and Humanities Faculty Research Program (AHFRP)

AHFRP funds are primarily designed to stimulate research and creative activities and promote the strategic graduate research plans of the arts, fine arts, humanities, and education programs.

$2,000 October 3, 2019 (fall) TBA - 2020 (spring)

Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Achievement Small Grant Program (URSA)

Three separate grants are available through the URSA program to faculty who mentor undergraduate student research: URSA Small Grants, URSA Travel Grants, and URSA Equipment/Supply Grants. URSA Small Grants are awarded to faculty mentors to promote and expand research participation by undergraduate students, to engage students in the active faculty/student collaborative learning relationships necessary for success in all fields of research, and to expose students to resources and facilities that may stimulate their interest in pursuing research careers.

$5,000 January 24, 2020

Collaborative Faculty Research Investment Program (CFRIP)

CFRIP is sponsored jointly by Baylor University (Waco, TX) and Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, TX). The program provides seed funding for inter-institutional and interdisciplinary research project teams to prepare them to compete successfully for external grants. Proposals are externally peer-reviewed.

$25,000 TBD

Other Research Development Support

Program Funds Available Application Deadline(s)*

Faculty Travel Assistance Grant Program

Matching funds to help defray the cost of travel to promote or support the development of new or expanded research programs at Baylor. Tenured/tenure-track faculty and funded principal investigators are eligible to apply.

Based on need and funding availability. Continuous

Principal Investigator Research Investment Program

Limited support to address specific issues in critiques of major (>$100K) external proposals.

$10,000 TBD

Postdoctoral Hiring Program

Competitively awarded 3-year postdoctoral research stipends that align with one of the five signature initiatives described in Illuminate.

Salary and benefits for 22 postdoctoral researcher positions. Continuous until allocated

Research Equipment Acquisition Program (REAP)

Enhance the ability of faculty to retire and replace research equipment necessary to sustain an established research program. Awards may be to an individual researcher or group of researchers to support efforts to garner external funding, promote multidisciplinary research/creative activities and stimulate research development.

$25,000-$50,000 Continuous

Bridge Funding Program

Span a gap in funding for researchers who have temporarily lost significant external research support.


University Sabbatical Program

Summer sabbaticals are available for full-time faculty members and lecturers. Acceptable projects must improve professional competence related to courses one teaches or will teach; include work on a scholarly or creative project; and/or be used to develop materials to be used in a course that is being taught or course that will be taught.

20% of contract salary. Applications for summer sabbaticals are submitted to the dean's office for review by the dean and/or sabbatical committee in the first week of the October preceding the summer of the sabbatical. Recommendations from the deans are due to the Provost by the third week in October.

Internal Funding Forms and Information


Contact Dr. Stacey L. Smith with questions on internal funding opportunities.
(254) 710-3252