Baylor University and Office of the Vice Provost for Research Observe World Space Week

October 13, 2017
World Space Week - News Feature
2017 World Space Week

Baylor faculty offer diverse perspectives on the importance and relevance of space to their respective disciplines

WACO, Texas (Oct. 12, 2017) – Baylor University's observance of World Space Week, October 4-10, supported by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, featured six Baylor faculty members representing the sciences, arts and humanities who offered their reflections on the importance of space both as an important field of research and scholarship and as a profound influence on modern culture.

The six interviews may be viewed here.

In 1999 the United Nations General Assembly first declared World Space Week as an annual global celebration of space science and technology. Since then, World Space Week has focused on the many ways the study and exploration of space has contributed "to the betterment of the human condition."

The beginning and end dates of World Space Week commemorate two significant events in space history that occurred a decade apart:

  • October 4, 1957: The launch of Sputnik 1, the first human-made Earth satellite, which is generally acknowledged as marking the beginning of the Space Age
  • October 10, 1967: The signing of the United Nations Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies

The international celebration of World Space Week is co-organized by the United Nations and the World Space Week Association with the goals of promoting space education, raising awareness of discoveries and technologies fostered by space research, and generating interest among young people in careers in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. During last year's observance citizens of 86 nations participated in more than 2,700 publicly and privately sponsored events.

Dr. Trey Cade
Director, Baylor Institute
for Air Science
Chris Hansen
Professor & Chair
Film & Digital Media
Joshua Hays
Research Associate
Baylor Institute for
Studies of Religion
Dr. Truell Hyde
Vice Provost for Research
Professor of Physics
Director, CASPER
Dr. Rene Laufer
Associate Research Professor
Dr. Lorin Matthews
Professor of Physics
Associate Director, CASPER
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