OVPR Administrative Support

OVPR Admin Support

The CARA system will facilitate OVPR’s ability to track industry standard research administration key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the quality of services provided over the life cycle of the award. OVPR will work with campus constituents in the future to set targets for these KPIs. The table below provides examples of the types of KPIs being considered.

KPI Measurement
Proposal Revisions Percentage of proposals that do not require administrative revisions prior to submission to sponsor
New Award Set-Up Turnaround Time Number of days from receipt of notice of award to date account is established in the financial system and available for faculty to spend
Account Monitoring Percentage of accounts reviewed with faculty in a given month
Cost Transfers Number and dollar amount of cost transfers both in total and processed more than 90 days after expenditure item date
Residual Balance Disposition Number of fixed price accounts with unspent funds of greater than $1,000 and the project period ended more than 60 days ago