The University provides financial support for research through a variety of mechanisms intended to stimulate growth in external funding for research. As one example, the University invested in a postdoctoral scholar hiring program in fiscal year 2021 with the goal of funding 65 new positions over three years. Postdocs provide high-level expertise in conducting research and mentoring students, thus providing additional capacity for faculty to publish research results and pursue new grant opportunities that drive more external funding. The table below defines the broad categories of support provided by the University.

Category Description
Facilities Core facilities, Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative & Baylor Sciences Building operations, Vivarium, Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas Lab, major equipment
Faculty Support Startups, sabbaticals, supplemental compensation, discretionary funds
Graduate Student Support Tuition remission, stipends, medical insurance
Operational Support Unit level centers/institutes, support staff, undergraduate students, other expenses
Project Support Cost share, internal grants, waived F&A costs
Research Staff Postdocs, other research staff

Research Categories

In 2022 the University provided a total of $34.1 million of institutional funds to support research. The following chart shows the proportionate spending for each category of institutional support. Notably, $22.4 million or 66% of the $34.1 million total was in direct support of faculty, postdocs, and graduate students.

Pie Chart of institutional research expenditures