Looking Ahead

Pat Neff Hall Aerial

What’s next for Baylor research? After achieving R1 designation, the University is committed to building on the successes of Illuminate to further support research marked by quality, visibility and impact—a goal for which there is no finish line.

Now, Baylor is moving into Illuminate Forward; the next five years of Baylor’s strategic plan. Continued investment will grow the faculty and provide additional opportunities for students to engage in research. Among the goals of Illuminate Forward is the hiring of 100 new faculty members, who now will be recruited to an R1 institution.

Baylor fills a distinct role as an R1-designated, Christian research university, and we are committed to stewarding that responsibility through sustained support of current faculty and students, along with those yet to come. Baylor will continue systemic investment in new positions, programs and resources, creating a multiplier effect that elevates Baylor’s educational and research endeavors.