A Preeminent Christian Research University

A Preeminent Christian Research University

Baylor University’s singular role as an expressly Christian research university—propelled by faculty, staff, graduate students and undergraduate students who recognize a calling to address society’s greatest challenges and solve the world’s most vexing problems—has compelled us to pursue greater impact. Our vision? To become the world’s preeminent Christian research university.

In 2018, Baylor announced plans to begin a march towards R1/Tier 1 status and built a roadmap to get there. Illuminate, Baylor’s strategic plan, provides the framework and commitment to investment that will guide Baylor towards becoming a top national research university. Baylor’s centuries-old call “to meet the needs of all the ages to come” will be continued through research marked by quality, visibility and impact, undergirded by Baylor’s faith foundation and historic strength in undergraduate education.

Across campus and around the world, faculty engage in research at the highest levels as they fight disease, investigate environmental challenges, pioneer new technologies and advance human flourishing. Such work has long built on Baylor’s distinct mission in higher education. It has also laid a foundation and prepared the University for even greater breakthroughs. Now, more than ever before, the mission to bring light to the world by illuminating solutions through high-level research is a priority throughout the Baylor Family.

Learn more about the ways research by Baylor’s faculty impacts the world. Their work, enhanced by a culture of collaboration across the disciplines, is fully aligned with the aspirations of a Christian research university dedicated to unleashing faculty and students alike to discover meaningful solutions for the betterment of the world.

As President Linda A. Livingstone, Ph.D., simply stated in her 2017 inauguration address: “The world needs a Baylor.”