Realign Roles & Responsibilities

Future State Organization

Realignment as of July 1, 2019

* OVPR Administrative Functions as of July 1st, 2019 impacted by the realignment, which excludes Marketing and Communications, Technology Commercialization and Industry Engagement, Research Advancement, and Data Analysis and Planning.

Key Themes

The future state organizational model serves to support the growth of overall research activity at Baylor and the broader Illuminate Academic Strategic Plan.

The Associate VPR will oversee all central research administrative functions of the OVPR, allowing the VPR to focus on faculty engagement and the broader, research strategic initiatives of the university.
The Pre- and Post-Award Offices will share the same reporting line, improving efficiency, coordination, and consistency of business operations.
The creation of the URA team will increase service to faculty. The dotted line to the ADRs will ensure collaboration and accountability between the schools and the VPR's office.