Proposal Development Award

The OVPR offers a competitive award to provide faculty with one-on-one assistance in implementing the techniques and timeline for grant preparation presented in the Grant Writing Seminar.


  • The award period is eight to nine months.
  • Throughout the award period, expert consultation is provided by skype, phone, email, and written commentary.
  • Strict timelines and deliverables for both the faculty and the consultant are observed.
  • Upon completion, awardees will have a fully-developed peer-reviewed proposal that is ready for submission to a funding agency.


Full-time tenure-track faculty members are eligible for the Proposal Development Award.

Completion of the Grant Writing Seminar is a prerequisite for the Proposal Development Award.


The self-nomination form below is submitted in early May each year. Faculty who self-nominate will receive an email from the consultant that contains instructions for completing the application process, which includes developing sections for a pre-proposal. The pre-proposal consists of an "Overview and Objectives" section as described in the "Grant Application Writer's Workbook" and the accompanying handout that you received at the seminar. Award selection is contingent upon the quality of the pre-proposal, which is due in August each year.

The Proposal Development Award application and pre-proposal will be competitively reviewed in late August or early September each year. Awards will be made based upon the evaluation, including overall merit, and the availability of slots.


The competition for FY 17 is underway.

The next submission deadline is May 14, 2018.


Please submit the self-nomination form and the one page pre-proposal to your coordinator in the Office of Sponsored Programs. OSP will set up a BOX account for the submission.


May 14
Self-nomination email submitted to OSP
May 18
Instructions to candidates from ATG
July 27
Initial proposal (Overview + Significance) due from Candidates
August 3
Candidates selected
August 20
Critiques returned to participants
Week of August 27
Group meeting, video conference, individual conferences
One Week from one-on-one meeting
Revisions to consultant
Week of September 10
Revisions returned 1 week from receipt
November 1
Full proposals due
November 16
Critiques returned

Self-Nomination Form


Contact Dr. Stacey L. Smith with questions on our Proposal Development Award.
(254) 710-3252