Proposal Data Sheet

Legal Name: Baylor University

Corresponding Address for Sponsored Projects:
Baylor University
Office of Sponsored Programs
One Bear Place #97360
Waco, TX 76798-7360
Authorized Institutional Signature
Gary Mortenson
Acting Vice Provost for Administration
Phone: (254) 710-4772
FAX: (254) 710-3600
(or other designated VP's)

Employer Identification Number (EIN): 74-1159753

Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) number: 4F219

Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number: 00-751-6735

Federal Wide Protection of Human Subjects Assurance number: FWA00008275

DHHS Animal Welfare Assurance number: A3948-01

Indirect Cost Rate Agreement:
On-campus: 38.5% MTDC
Off-campus: 15.6% MTDC