This page contains resources and materials to assist investigators in developing proposals. Click the links below for more information.

Eligibility Requirements

Baylor University policy on whether an individual is eligible to serve as principal investigator on a sponsored research proposal.

Proposal Data Sheet

Helpful information that may be required when preparing a proposal, including Baylor's DUNS number, official address and more.

Facilities & Admin Costs

Information on Baylor's negotiated rate for facilities & administrative costs, also known as indirect costs or F&A.

Travel Policy

Requirements related to travel costs on sponsored programs, including links to resources for travel on state and federally funded grants.

Supplemental Compensation

Baylor's policy on supplemental compensation for additional efforts beyond normal faculty workloads.

Cost Sharing

Information and policies on required cost-sharing on sponsored research.

Gift vs. Grant

Guidance in determining whether an award should be classified as a "Gift for Research" or a "Grant for Sponsored Programs."

Federal Uniform Guidance

Information on federal rules covering sponsored research.


Please Contact your OSP coordinator with questions.