Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Achievement Small Grant Program (URSA)

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Three separate grants are available through the URSA program to faculty who mentor undergraduate student research: URSA Small Grants, URSA Travel Grants, and URSA Equipment/Supply Grants. URSA Small Grants are awarded to faculty mentors to promote and expand research participation by undergraduate students, to engage students in the active faculty/student collaborative learning relationships necessary for success in all fields of research, and to expose students to resources and facilities that may stimulate their interest in pursuing research careers. Because the URSA Small Grant applications should include a budget for any expected travel or supplies related to the research project, the URSA Travel Grants and Equipment/Supply Grants are for travel, equipment, and supplies not anticipated at the time of the small grant application. URSA Travel Grants may be available to support travel for student scholars who have completed outstanding research projects and have the opportunity to present their research at an academic conference. URSA Equipment/Supply Grants may be available if the students’ ongoing research requires additional equipment and/or supplies or if some other unexpected special situation requiring funding arises during the current fiscal year.

Three grants are offered. The small grant supports mentored undergraduate student research. Travel grants support leadership development for committee members or student scholars who completed outstanding research projects. Equipment/supply grants support ongoing undergraduate research programs. Applications are competitively reviewed and awarded as funds allow. Preference is given to small grants for mentored undergraduate student research.


Full-time Baylor faculty, regardless of rank, are eligible to serve as principal investigators for URSA small grants.

Visiting faculty, adjunct faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and research associates may participate in small grant programs, but are not eligible to serve as principal investigators.

The OVPR encourages collaborative proposals that engage students in interdisciplinary research environments.


Final Reports DueJuly 30, 2020

Funding Rates for URSA

Fiscal Year Number of Proposals Number of Awards Funding Rate Total Funding
FY18 38 16 42.1% $69,613
FY17 38 17 44.7% $69,406
FY16 50 17 34.0% $69,983
FY15 22 20 90.9% $69,372
FY14 18 13 72.2% $54,466

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Grants for Travel and Equipment/Supplies

Travel grants are available to support leadership development for committee members or students scholars who completed outstanding research projects. Equipment/supply grants provide additional funding to support ongoing undergraduate research programs.

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