Manage Project

OSP staff members work with faculty during the performance of research grants to review expenditures and ensure compliance with all federal, sponsor, and university policies and requirements.

Below is general guidance on policies and procedures related to performance of sponsored research. Use the links on the left to view specific Baylor policies as well as requirements of federal agencies. As always, contact your OSP administrator with any questions.


Checks should be made payable to Baylor University. If the principal investigator receives a check for a grant or contract, it should be hand-carried immediately to the OSP. Any correspondence or other papers that will help identify the study should accompany the check.

Administrative Responsibilities

The principal investigator is responsible for the day-to-day administration and direction of the approved project. In order to carry out this responsibility, the principal investigator should be aware of all grant/contract terms and conditions and should give special attention to those terms and conditions regarding budget limitations; patents and copyrights; inventions; confidential information; safety and security; export control provisions; and required reports.

Prior Approvals

Each sponsor may have specific requirements regarding changes to the scope of the project or modifications to the approved budget. Any changes should be discussed with the OSP. This is especially important regarding changes in project duration or the budget.

For grants/contracts requiring sponsor's prior approval, correspondence with the sponsor requesting such changes must be received.

Reporting Requirements

The principal investigator is responsible for complying with all reporting requirements and deadlines, as specified by the sponsor. Therefore, principal investigators should read the sponsor's guidelines carefully to ascertain what reports are required, their frequency, and preparation instructions. Formal financial reports will be prepared by OSP and reviewed by Grants Accounting and sent to the principal investigator for review prior to being sent to the sponsor.

University Time and Effort Certification

Baylor faculty and staff who have either charged effort directly to a sponsored project or who have committed cost shared effort to a sponsored project are required by federal regulations to verify and certify such effort. Annual certifications are sent by the OSP.

Transfer to Another Institution

If a principal investigator anticipates leaving Baylor University for another appointment, the OSP and the Office of the Vice Provost for Research should be notified immediately. If requesting a transfer of extramural support to another institution, specific written approval must be obtained from Baylor, the anticipated recipient institution, and the funding agency.

If the principal investigator becomes unable to serve as the lead investigator on a grant and wishes to relinquish the grant, (s)he nominate another Baylor faculty member as the lead principal investigator. Written permission from both Baylor and the sponsor must be obtained. In all such cases, the OSP can provide assistance.

Invoicing Sponsor

Most research agreements specify that an initial payment will be made upon receipt of a fully executed agreement. Often, the sponsor may also require additional invoices to cover the cost of the project as defined by the contract period. OSP will provide invoices to the sponsor based on the payment schedule defined within the research agreement.


Baylor retains ownership of and title to most capital equipment purchased with sponsored research funds. Equipment should not be sold, transferred, or otherwise disposed of without first notifying the OSP. The office is responsible for researching and determining agency specific regulations governing the sale, transfer, or disposal of equipment purchased with sponsored research funds.

General guidelines concerning title to capital equipment permit full vesting upon close-out of the award under which the property was acquired. There may be special circumstances, such as the transfer of a principal investigator to another institution, when arrangements can be made to transfer property to another institution. In these situations written approval is required by both the awarding agency and Baylor, and may require reimbursement for the equipment. Arrangements should be coordinated through the OSP.