Prior to submitting a proposal for any sponsored activity, investigators must receive instutional approval for their work using the OSP's electronic proposal routing form. With guidance from their OSP coordinator, investigators fill out the routing form, electronically sign it and submit it to their dean and chair for their approval and electronic signatures.

Where do I get the proposal routing form?

A blank proposal routing form will be in the Box folder set up for you by your OSP coordinator.

When should I submit my routing form?

A proposal does not have to be in its final, edited state before submitting the routing form for approval. Minor changes to correct typographical or grammatical errors are permitted after institutional approval, but it is expected that there will be no substantive changes to the statement of work or the budget once the proposal is routed and submitted to OSP.

How long does it take to route my proposal?

All proposals received by the OSP should be accompanied by a Proposal Routing Form with a lead-time of no less than five (5) business days prior to the proposal submission deadline. This will allow sufficient time for for complete budget, administrative, and compliance reviews as well as institutional review and approvals by appropriate university officials. This lead time also provides the oppportunity for correction of errors or omissions in the proposal prevents issues due to unanticipated submission delays. It also helps ensure that there is time for thorough review of all proposals when there are multiple submissions to the same program, or multiple programs within the same submission window.

How do I begin?

Contact your department's assigned OSP coordinator to initiate the process.

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