Baylor's R1 Roadmap

Baylor's R1 Roadmap

Bold vision. Sustained Investment.

Baylor University’s bold vision to pursue preeminence as a Christian research university is a commitment and an invitation:

A commitment to research marked by quality, visibility and impact - galvanized in this unique moment in Baylor’s history through university-wide investment to dramatically accelerate our research enterprise and address our world’s greatest challenges.

An invitation  to elite researchers who demonstrate the highest levels of scholarship, inquiry and discovery, seeking to build on a foundation of excellence and provide visionary leadership to research programs that meet the needs of the ages to come. All this takes place in a community motivated by a pursuit of truth—and a conviction that all truth is God’s truth.

That level of commitment demands strategic alignment and a clear path to our goals. Baylor has adopted strategic programs and initiatives to support research leaders and foster systemic growth designed to:

  • Provide transformational research support
  • Enhance research infrastructure
  • Guide Baylor’s path through a strategic roadmap to attain advanced research output and funding
  • Enable the University to more fully live out the Baylor mission through research that addresses the world’s most significant challenges.

Learn more about Baylor’s road forward in the following programs and initiatives:

Office of the Vice Provost for Research

Kevin Chambliss, Ph.D.