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Baylor University’s vision affirms that the world needs a preeminent research university that is unambiguously Christian. In 2021, Baylor was recognized as an R1 research institution, a significant benchmark in the University's continued focus and investment in research at the highest levels. Through top-tier research and scholarship, R1 universities bring their voice to bear in addressing our world’s most meaningful challenges. As Baylor achieves preeminence as a Christian research university, it enables researchers from throughout the University to infuse the quest for solutions, at the highest levels, with Baylor’s distinct voice and mission.

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May 16, 2022
Carter Appointed Dean of Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences
Baylor University Provost Nancy Brickhouse, Ph.D., announces that Jason R. Carter, Ph.D., vice president for research, economic development and graduate education at Montana State University, has been selected as the Dean of Baylor’s Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences.
May 11, 2022
Inside Baylor's Mass Spectrometry Center
Housed in the Baylor Sciences Building, the Mass Spectrometry Center brings state-of-art equipment and resources to Baylor faculty and students, advancing research in numerous departments.
Apr. 26, 2022
The Power of Power Distance Belief
Success in the education industry partly hinges on successful marketing, and the global reach of the internet presents vast opportunities. Baylor researchers analyze strategic approaches to reaching different cultures.
Apr. 11, 2022
Baylor Researchers Contribute on the Most Precise Ever W Boson - Particle Physics Measurement
Baylor’s Experimental High Energy Physics group among scientists with significant contributions to the successful maintenance and operation of the experiment measuring one of nature’s force-carrying particles
Apr. 6, 2022
The Meaning of R1
Baylor's R1 status is far more than an elite club or glossy résumé item. It positions Baylor to have a significant impact around the world. Baylor faculty explain what that means to them in Baylor Magazine.
Mar. 30, 2022
The Community Impact of R1
Nationally-recognized researcher Sara Dolan is an APA "Citizen Psychologist" who has seen firsthand the how research and scholarship can support community wellbeing. She says Baylor's R1 attainment will open new doors to serve the community.
Mar. 2, 2022
National Study Examines Link Between Accountability to God, Psychological Well-being
Religious believers who embrace accountability to God (or another transcendent guide for life) experience higher levels of psychological well-being, study led by Baylor researcher Matt Bradshaw.
Feb. 24, 2022
Student-Engaged Partnership Accelerates Undergraduate Microbiome and Cancer Research
Baylor students participate in top-tier research on state-of-the-art equipment, like an anaerobic chamber in Dr. Leigh Greathouse's lab. Learn how a unique partnership, focused on student research opportunities, brought this resource to Baylor.

Our Research Commitment


Give Light, the philanthropic campaign for Baylor's future, provides significant endowed funding that fueled Baylor's R1 achievement will facilitate continued research growth across campus.

Endowed Faculty Positions

Through the creation of new endowed faculty positions, including 17 endowed chairs in areas that support growth in research initiatives, Baylor supports high-level teaching and discovery.

Campaign Donors

The Baylor Family is united in support of Baylor's distinct role as the preeminent Christian research university.

Baylor stands apart as a Christian research university — a position that empowers our aspiration to become America's preeminent Christian research university. Illuminate, Baylor University's Academic Strategic Plan, has one overarching goal: To bring light to the world as we accelerate our quest toward preeminence as a Christian research university, building on Baylor's historic strengths and strategically investing in new areas of research and service.

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