If this is an EMERGENCY, call Baylor Police at (254) 710-2222 or dial 911.
Use one of the reporting mechanisms listed below:
  • Academic Integrity and Honor Code

    All students, faculty members and staff members are expected to report violations of the Honor Code. In addressing an alleged violation, the faculty member of the class affected by the violation may either handle the matter directly with the accused student or refer the case to the Honor Council. (Violations being referred to the Honor Council must be referred within 21 days of discovery of the violation.) In all cases, the incident and sanction(s) must be reported to the Office of Academic Integrity. (Student Conduct Administration)

  • Academic Progress Reports

    Assisting students in their pursuit of higher education, they sometimes need to access resources on campus beyond what they are already doing. Each time a member of faculty submits a Progress Report on a student, it is an opportunity to help a student reach his or her potential. (Paul L. Foster Success Center)

  • Anonymous Tips about Criminal Activity

    If you believe you have seen a crime or suspicious incident occur on campus and would like to report it anonymously, you may call 254-710-2222 and tell the police dispatcher you would like to anonymously report a crime. You may also complete an online form. (Department of Public Safety)

  • BU Campus Guardian

    The BU Campus Guardian Mobile Safety Application can turn your smartphone into a personal safety device! You can quickly contact university police in cases of an emergency by phone call or text, and you can use the app to dial 9-1-1 when you are off campus. (Department of Public Safety)

  • Campus Security Authority (CSA) Incident Report (Clery)

    CSAs are required to report Clery Act qualifying crimes and mandated policy violations of which they are aware, on a timely basis, to Baylor University Department of Public Safety. Under the Clery Act, CSAs are only obligated to report, Clery Act qualifying crimes and mandated policy violations which occurred on campus, in public areas bordering campus and in certain non-campus buildings owned or controlled (leased) by the University. The qualifying crimes, policies and geographic designations are defined in CSA training.

  • CARE Team

    Do you know about a situation involving a student of concern? CARE Team Services' case managers connect students to resources both on and off campus and offer holistic care through creating trusting relationships. Self harm, threats

  • Civil Rights Reports

    Baylor University prohibits unlawful Discrimination and Harassment against or by faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and contractors because of race, color, disability, national and ethnic origin, sex, pregnancy, age (over 40), genetic information or the refusal to submit to a genetic test, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, Texas, or local law except as otherwise provided under the Civil Rights Policy. Baylor also prohibits Retaliation against any individual who engages in a Protected Activity.

  • Conflict of Interest

    Disclosure of relationships or situations where a real or perceived conflict of interest could exist. (Office of Internal Audit and Management Analysis)

  • Copyright Infringements

    The Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"), Pub. L. 105-304 requires the designation of an agent to received claimed copyright infringement notifications. Use this reporting mechanism if you believe any of your works are being infringed upon by any domain owned by Baylor University.

  • Crimes (How to Report Crimes)

    The University encourages everyone on campus to immediately report crimes and other emergencies to the University Police by calling 254-710-2222. We have also established a number of other ways for campus community members and visitors to report crimes, serious incidents, violence and other emergencies to appropriate University officials. (Department of Public Safety)

  • Environmental Health and Safety

    The Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) serves Baylor University by providing technical support, information and training, consultation and periodic audits of environmental, health and safety practices and regulatory compliance.

  • EthicsPoint - Anonymous Reporting

    EthicsPoint is an anonymous, confidential hotline/website to report a wide range of issues for investigation including issues related to diversity, financial matters, athletics, risk, safety, research, conflicts of interest, human resources, workplace violence, sexual discrimination or assault, and more.

  • Facilities, Grounds, Energy & Custodial

    The iService Desk provides faculty, staff, and students the ability to submit requests for operations and maintenance, grounds, and custodial services, and to track the status of those requests. Typical requests are for hot/cold temperatures, plumbing issues, lighting issues, or any other issue related to a facility's operation. (Facility Services)

  • Faculty Ombudsperson

    The Ombudsperson provides a safe, comfortable, and confidential environment for you to discuss faculty concerns or complaints outside formal channels. The Ombudsman cannot impose solutions, but identifies options and strategies for resolution.

  • Fire Safety Concerns

    Fire safety concerns may be reported to the Fire Safety Specialist, or by contacting 254-710-2836, or by contacting fire_safety@baylor.edu. (Department of Public Safety)

  • Hazing Reporting Form

    To report incidents of individual student or organization hazing, please utilize this form. Hazing Violations are reported through EthicsPoint. (Student Life)

  • Human Resources

    Baylor University values a workplace that is productive and enjoyable for staff and faculty as we work to achieve our strategic initiatives. An individual may call Human Resources to report workplace violence or threat or for information on many topics including benefits, communication, compensation, discrimination, harrassment, job descriptions, performance, policies, etc. (Human Resources)

  • ITS Helpdesk and Self-Service

    HelpDesk+ is Baylor?s one-stop solution for all things tech. Faculty, staff, and students will find hardware support, software solutions, DUO assistance, password resets, technology checkouts, and much more on the Garden Level of Moody Memorial Library. (Information Technology Services)

  • Minors on Campus

    Minors on Campus applies to camps and programs taking place on Baylor University Campus, in which Minors will be physically present and participating. (University Compliance and Risk Services)

  • Notifying Professors of a Crisis

    In the event that you must miss class because of a major crisis such as hospitalization, accident, family crisis or the death of an immediate family member (parent or sibling), the Office of the University Chaplain wants to be of help in order to offer care and to notify others here on campus. You may contact the Office of the University Chaplain at 254-710-3517 and someone will notify your professors to let them know of the crisis until you are able to communicate with them on your own. Remember however, there are no excused absences at Baylor. Our notification is simply a ministry to you during a crisis and does not excuse the absence. If your situation is not a major crisis, please notify your professors personally so that they will be aware that your absence is for family or personal reasons. (Spiritual Life)

  • Ombuds to Students

    The Ombuds to Students at Baylor University provides informal, neutral, and private dispute resolution services for students. Assistance is provided for interpersonal misunderstandings or disputes as well as to those with concerns about academic or administrative issues. (Student Life)

  • Personal Injury Report Form

    If anyone is injured on campus, an accident/incident must be completed. You may be contacted by a member of Risk Management to provide additional information. (University Compliance and Risk Services)

  • Research Compliance

    Baylor's Office of Research Compliance provides support to the Baylor research community to ensure all research activity complies with applicable government regulations, guidance documents, and funding agency guidelines. We help Baylor faculty, staff, and student researchers navigate research requirements through education and quality improvement initiatives designed to facilitate research, improve efficiencies, and ensure regulatory compliance. (Research)

  • Sexual and Interpersonal Misconduct Form (Title IX)

    Baylor University takes allegations of sexual assault, gender based and sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and other sexual and interpersonal misconduct seriously. We want to make sure anyone who reports experiences related to these issues feels safe, knows their rights, and is aware of all available resources and options to continue to have the opportunity to be successful. (Title IX)

  • Student Conduct Code Violations

    Judicial Affairs has oversight for all records and information related to student conduct violations not related to the Honor Code. Under the Student Conduct Code, all Baylor students are expected to obey the laws of the United States, the state of Texas, and municipalities, or, if studying abroad, the laws of other countries. Students are also expected to obey the rules, regulations, and policies established by Baylor University. Conduct Code violations are reported through EthicsPoint. (Student Conduct Administration)

  • Student Organization Violations

    To report issues with or violations of policy by student organizations, please utilize this form. Student Organization Violations are reported through EthicsPoint. (Student Life)

  • Submit a Work Order

    Do you have a maintenance, custodial, or event related need? Baylor Facility Services provides you the ability to place your request online, by phone (x1361 ? answered 24/7), text (254-401-1100 ? M-F 8am-11:30pm) or by email (SRC@baylor.edu) Typical requests are hot/cold temperatures, faucet dripping, light out, sink stopped up, clean-up, lost keys or access issues, and tables and chairs for event set-up.

If you are unable to identify the appropriate mechanism for your report, please use EthicsPoint. EthicsPoint is an anonymous, confidential hotline/website to report issues for investigation.

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