Dr. Bruce Longenecker


Professor of Christian Origins and W. W. Melton Chair of Religion

With numerous academic projects on his nearer and farther horizons, Dr. Bruce Longenecker reserves the word “love” for his work with the Book of Galatians, which he will “relearn” and recontextualize for a volume in the revived New Testament Theology series. In his teaching, Dr. Longenecker approaches each seminar not as a “disguised lecture” but as a genuine collaboration in which students encounter the latest scholarly questions and publications and place them in their broader context in the field. When possible, Dr. Longenecker arranges direct encounters with the authors engaged in seminar. While academic competition is real, he observes that graduate students in the Department do not allow it to determine their interactions: in the community of scholarship he pursues with students (“colleagues”), “I’m always impressed by the way students support each other.” Similarly, among the New Testament faculty, Dr. Longenecker finds strong and collaborative coverage of the field without competition for territory. Such quality interactions within the Department are “one of the attractions for me, and hopefully for students too.”