Andrew Ronnevik


Doctoral Candidate (Theology)

Andrew Ronnevik, a candidate in Theology and a Lutheran pastor, first entered the program with some uncertainty about how his Lutheran identity would fit into Baylor’s religious and theological landscape. He now feels that he has found a welcoming and productive reception within a community that hosts significant denominational and theological difference. Andrew has been impressed by the interdisciplinarity that has offered him avenues of study in philosophy of language, theological anthropology (through literature), and religion and ecology (yielding an upcoming conference presentation). All of this he can engage, moreover, with an active imagination for how it may bear on his congregation. Professors in both primary and cognate fields have reached out to help Andrew pursue his interests and build professional networks that reach beyond Baylor, placing faculty commitment, along with peer collaboration and financial and parental support, among the resources he can commend to others considering Baylor as an academic home.