Laura Lysen


Doctoral Candidate (Theology)

When Laura Lysen reflects on her time in Baylor’s Theology concentration, two companion experiences stand out: encouragement and challenge, or even safety and risk. In the Religion Department as she has experienced it, students find the room and resources they need to develop as scholars, to be themselves even as they are pressed to achieve more than is easy or comfortable. Encouragement and challenge have intertwined in her work with her advisor, who helped her chart an unexpected theological journey through material (food and clothing) systems, and who encouraged her to draw on Baylor’s generous dissertation fund for research in Thailand and Mexico. She will be primary author in a piece the two have co-authored for an upcoming issue in Modern Theology. Laura encourages prospective candidates to explore whether they might also find at Baylor the resources she has found: both a push to rethink and rediscover their learning and interests and an unusually hospitable environment in which to do it.