Dr. Carlos Cardoza-Orlandi

Frederick E. Roach Professor of World Christianity

Dr. Carlos Cardoza-Orlandi has recently completed a history of theologies of religious encounters in Latin America and the Caribbean, a work reflecting his discipline’s emergent efforts to attend to indigenous and popular experience as well as professional theological discourse. Similarly, in his seminars, Dr. Cardoza works with graduate students to “keep the stories of Christianity connected,” bridging diverse disciplines, contexts, and questions to build a rich and surprising matrix of Christianity’s historical and global interconnections. He also aims, simply stated, to “contribute to the collapse of the understanding of Christianity as a western religion.” Building on the world-wide historical education that Religion students may already gain, Dr. Cardoza is working with area colleagues and administrators to strengthen connections with globally diverse faculty across the university and to deepen interdisciplinarity within the Religion Department itself. Thus he hopes to enrich the “cross-fertilization” by which faculty and graduate students make unexpected and enriching connections with one another.