Dr. Elizabeth Flowers


Associate Professor of Religion

Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Flowers is currently working on a monograph that extends her core research on women, gender, and power, particularly within evangelicalism, to the history and uses of biblical inerrancy. She also awaits the release of an edited volume in which she brought together scholarship on the history of the Southern Baptist Convention from the perspectives of women. As a new member of Baylor’s Historical faculty, she was drawn to the Department as a place where students are interested in gender and faculty and administrators are invested in building up women scholars. Dr. Flowers herself is committed to mentoring and learning from graduate students, which is why she often works with them to design seminar syllabuses that incorporate their interests and advance their research. Dr. Flowers looks forward to sharing the strengths and challenges of a place “where faith and scholarship come together, without sacrificing the integrity of the academy or the integrity of one’s faith tradition.”