Jonathan Tran, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Philosophical Theology and George W. Baines Chair of Religion
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Associate Professor of Philosophical Theology and George W. Baines Chair of Religion

  • Duke University, The Graduate School, Department of Religion, Durham, NC - Ph. D. Theology & Ethics, Spring 2006 - Minors: Political Theory (external), Early Church History (internal)
  • Duke University, The Divinity School, Durham, NC M.Div. summa cum laude, 2002
  • University of California at Riverside - B.A. Phi Beta Kappa, Political Science, 1994

Originally from Southern California, I joined Baylor’s Religion Department in 2006 after completing my graduate studies in theology and ethics at Duke University. I teach undergraduate and graduate courses and my research examines the theological and political implications of human life in language. Along with my family, I live in residence on Baylor's campus, serving as Faculty Master of the Honors Residential College at Memorial and Alexander Halls.


Co-Editor, with Myles Werntz, Corners in the City of God: The Wire and Theology (Eugene: Cascade, 2013).

Foucault and Theology in the series "Philosophy and Theology" (Edinburgh: T & T Clark International, 2011). Book Review

The Vietnam War and Theologies of Memory: Time, Eternity, and Redemption in the Far Country in "Challenges in Contemporary Theology" Series (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2010). Book Review

Editorial Board: "Encountering Traditions", eds. Maria Dakake, Stanley Hauerwas, Peter Ochs, Randi Rashkover (Stanford: Stanford University Press).

Selected Research Articles:

"Dying with Others: Reflections on Ataxia, Suffering, and Ken's Mom," Theology Today (Vol. 64, No. 4, 2008), 458-468.

"The Limits of Franz Boas' Multiculturalism: An Augustinian Critique," Polygraph 19: An International Journal of Culture and Politics (No. 19/20, 2008), 55-77.

"Transgressing Borders: Genetic Research, Immigration, and Discourses of Sacrifice," Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics (Vol. 28, No. 2, 2008), 97-116.

"The Otherness of Children as a Hint of an Outside: Michel Foucault, Richard Yates, and Karl Barth on Suburban Life," Theology & Sexuality (Vol. 15, No.2, 2009), 191-211.

"Emplotting Forgiveness: Narrative, Forgetting, and Memory," Literature & Theology (Vol. 23, No. 2, 2009), 220-233.

"Laughing With the World: Possibilities of Hope in John Howard Yoder and Jeffrey Stout," The New Yoder, eds. Peter Dula and Chris Huebner (Eugene: Wipf & Stock, 2009), 253-270.

"Living Out the Gospel: Asian American Perspectives and Contributions," Annual of the Society of Asian North American Christian Studies (Vol. 2, 2010), 13-56; 69-73.

"Obama, War, and Christianity: The Audacity of Hope and the Violence of Peace, Christian Ethics Today, Vol. 20, Num. 20:86 (Spring 2012), 2-7.

"The New Black Theology," Cover Story, Christian Century (Vol. 129, No. 3 2012).

"Marlo’s City of Words: Tempting a Natural Theology of Language," Corners in the City of God:Theology, Philosophy, and The Wire, eds. Jonathan Tran and Myles Werntz (Cascade, 2013),59-75.

“Anne and the Difficult Gift of Stanley Hauerwas’ Church" (Duke University, 2014) Video Link

"The Wound of Tradition," The Hermeneutics of Tradition, eds. Cyrus P. Olsen and Craig Hovey (Cascade Press, 2014), 226-252.

"An Atheistic Sense to Stanley Hauerwas’ Theology," Review & Expositor (Vol. 112: No. 1, 2015), 119-132.

“Exitus et Reditus in Marriage” (co-author Brandon Morgan) Madmen and Theology ed. Ann Duncan and Jacob Goodson Werntz (Cascade Press, 2016), 292-307.

“Linguistic Theology: Completing Postliberalism’s Linguistic Task” Modern Theology, (Vol. 33 No. 1, January 2017), 47-68.

“Killing Time,” Critical Theology against US Militarism in Asia: Decolonization and Deimperialization (Palgrave MacMillan, 2017), 131-151.

“A Sanctuary Politics: Being the Church” (co-author Stanley Hauerwas), Religion and Ethics of Australian Broadcasting Corporation (March 30, 2017).

Courses Taught at Baylor:
  • REL 1350 Christian Heritage
  • REL 3390 Christian Ethics
  • REL/MH 4395 Bioethics
  • REL 4397 Race, Religion, and Reconciliation
  • REL 5360 Contemporary Theological Problems: "Theology or Ordinary Language"
  • REL 5362 Anthropology: "Karl Barth and the Analogia Entis"
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