Graduate Theological Fellowship

One of the most valuable resources graduate students encounter at Baylor University is the academic community that surrounds them. Helping to foster this collegiality is the job of the GTF--the Graduate Theological Fellowship.

Beyond fostering camaraderie among Religion Graduate Students, the goals of the GTF are to improve communication between graduate students and Religion faculty, forge closer ties between Religion graduate and undergraduate students, strengthen the link between the Religion Department and the Graduate School, and meet the needs of prospective, first-year, and international students more effectively.

The GTF leadership reflects the diversity of the Religion Graduate Student population by including members in various stages of the program, major areas of study, and denominational affiliations. This year's GTF president is Jake Randolph. Steering Committee Members are Luci Yang, Daniel Glover, and Cara Forney. The leadership team serves as the liaison between Religion Graduate Students and Graduate Faculty to improve communication and provide an accessible means for expressing student concerns.