Individual Courses (REL 5V00)

5V00 Special Studies in Religion 1 to 3 sem. hrs.

Rarely, it may become necessary to arrange a special research project in order to complete graduate requirements. Except in rare circumstances, this reading course covers topics related to dissertation background research in the fall of the student's third year. Exceptions may be requested when faculty research leave falls in the student's third year. Permission is required in all instances. Please see below for a description of the process for obtaining approval for REL 5V00 Special Studies in Religion. To view examples of past REL 5V00 syllabi, please click here.

REL 5V00 allows for special research projects that are needed in the students’ graduate programs, but that are unavailable in the regular curriculum. The research will be individualized for the students and under the direct supervision of the professor. The course may be for up to three hours credit, with preference given to those in their final year of study. (Per 2021‐22 Graduate School Catalog).

If you wish to register for REL 5V00 (Special Studies in Religion) you must submit the following to the Religion Department Graduate Program Director for approval prior to registration:

A formal petition requesting permission to take 5V00 which must include the following:

  1. An explanation from the student regarding how your request meets the criteria stated in the Graduate School catalog (specifically that the course is needed for your dissertation topic and that it will not otherwise be offered during your time in coursework).
  2. A syllabus with a bibliography and a course title that explains the subject matter of the course. (Example: Special Studies in Religion: Critical Theory and Comparative Literature).
  3. A statement from the professor that you intend to work with stating that she/he is willing to supervise the course and that the work load is equivalent to that of a seminar in the area, and also that the professor has seen the syllabus.
  4. The syllabus should contain a statement of submission of a draft of the 500 word topic proposal for the dissertation supervisor to evaluate as part of the course. Please click here for more information on the topic proposal approval process.

These items should be brief. They are designed to ensure that the 5V00 course is being used wisely and infrequently. Additionally, they need to be approved so a specific course can be created to appear properly on your transcript.