Theological Studies Faculty

Baylor is committed to advancing the field of theological inquiry for the academy and the world. The theological area understands the task of theology to be interpreting God, God’s life in the world, and the world—especially human life—in relation to God. To that end, the area draws upon Christian scriptures, doctrines, and practices in their historical and social contexts while energetically engaging the contemporary world. Faculty research specializations are unique yet constitutive of this task, whether that takes the form of attention to the emergence of doctrines in the early church, the evolution of Christian aesthetics and literature, the role of linguistics in creating and shaping the world, the advancement of ecumenism, or the everyday practices of the contemporary church. This area prizes both analytical and synthetic thinking. Area faculty include Drs. Natalie Carnes, Barry Harvey, Paul Martens, Devan Stahl, and Jonathan Tran.

Natalie Carnes, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Theology
Dr. Carnes' research interests include systematic theology, Christology, theological anthropology, theological knowledge, theological aesthetics, images, iconoclasms, children, childhood, feminist theology, and patristic theology.
Barry Harvey, Ph.D.
Professor of Theology
Dr. Harvey does research in the areas of Christian Theology (Systematic and Philosophical Theology, Theological Ethics), philosophy, hermeneutics, and social theory.
Paul Martens, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Ethics
Dr. Martens' research focuses on Soren Kierkegaard, Anabaptist theology and ethics, and issues surrounding Christian articulations of pacifism and just war.
Devan Stahl, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Religion
Dr. Stahl's research focuses on theological bioethics, disability ethics, and science and technology.
Jonathan Tran, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Philosophical Theology and George W. Baines Chair of Religion
Dr. Tran's research examines the theological and political implications of human life in language.

Theological Studies Affiliated Faculty

Baylor University has a wealth of resources among its faculty across many disciplines. Featured below are Affiliated Faculty members from other departments and schools who have served as outside readers on our dissertations. We invite you to click on the names of these Affiliated Faculty to learn more about their area of expertise.

Dr. Kimlyn Bender - Truett Seminary; Area of Research: 19th and 20th-century theology with a particular specialty in the theology of Karl Barth, though his publications extend to include work in ethics and philosophy in addition to historical and systematic theology.

Dr. Phillip Donnelly - Great Texts Program; Area of Research: John Milton, Renaissance Literature, and History of Verbal Arts and Theology.

Dr. C. Stephen Evans - Philosophy Department; Area of Research: Kierkegaard, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of the Human Sciences, and Metaethics.

Dr. Luke Ferreter - English Department; Area of Research: Sylvia Plath; D. H. Lawrence; J. D. Salinger; Virginia Woolf; Zelda Fitzgerald; contemporary critical theory; postmodernism; 20th and 21st-century women's writing; 20th and 21st-century literature and theology; and the Bible as literature.

Dr. Michael Foley - Great Texts Program; Area of Research: Patristics; Augustine of Hippo.

Dr. John Haldane - Philosophy Department; Area of Research: Aesthetics, Philosophy of Religion, Epistemology, History of Philosophy, and Moral Philosophy

Dr. Robert Miner - Great Texts Program; Area of Research: History of medieval thought (particularly Thomas Aquinas); History of modern philosophy (particularly Bacon, Descartes, Hobbes, Vico, Nietzsche); and Philosophical psychology.

Dr. Daniel Nodes - Classics Department; Area of Research: Late Antiquity and the Early Medieval Period, Classical Tradition in the Renaissance.

Dr. Alexander Pruss - Philosophy Department; Area of Research: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Time, Philosophy of Religion, Sexual Ethics, and Mathematics

Dr. Richard Rankin Russell - English Department; Area of Research: Modern & Contemporary; British & Irish Literature; and Southern Literature.

Dr. David Wilhite - Truett Seminary; Area of Research: Patristics.