Mikeal Parsons, Ph.D.

Mikeal Parsons, Ph.D.
Professor and Macon Chair in Religion
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Professor and Macon Chair in Religion

  • M.Div., Ph.D. Southern Seminary
  • B.A. Philosophy and Religion, Campbell University

I am a native of North Carolina and have taught in the area of New Testament at Baylor since 1986.

Academic Interests and Research

New Testament Gospels and Acts; ancient rhetoric and literary criticism.  Lead researcher, Contexticon of the New Testament Language.  Co-editor of Paideia Commentary on the New Testament from Baker Academic.  Working on a primer on ancient rhetoric and the New Testament.

Professional Awards and Activities

Member Society of Biblical Literature, President of the SBL-Southwest region in 2006;

National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion, President 2006;

Editor, Perspectives in Religious Studies; Series editor (with Charles Talbert) Paideia Commentaries on the New Testament.

Grants and Fellowships

Co-Project Director of a grant for graduate student teaching from the Wabash Center;

Co-Director of the Baptists' Bible grant from the Louisville Institute


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Current Ph.D. Students

Susan Benton

Eric Brewer

Christian Sanchez

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Daniel Glover

Marcus Jerkins 

John Duncan

Mandy Brobst-Renaud

Peter Reynolds

Cliff Barbarick

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Courses Taught at Baylor
  • REL 1310 The Christian Scriptures
  • REL 3311 Jesus and the Gospels
  • REL 3314 Paul and His Writings
  • REL 5317 New Testament Greek
  • REL 5311 Contemporary Issues in New Testament Study
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