Registration for current students

Registration for Spring classes begins sometime in late October/early November, while registration for Summer and Fall classes usually begins in late March. Several weeks prior to registration, students will receive an email from the Graduate Studies Office with information and instructions, which are outlined below:

Information/Attachments to email message include:

  1. Sheet containing information
  2. A copy of the student’s most current Coursework Tracking Sheet.
  3. Graduate Course Offering Projection sheet.

Registration instructions:

  1. Pick up a registration slip, located in the Graduate Studies Office (Tidwell 103.23). If registering for both Summer and Fall courses, pick up two slips (one for each semester).
  2. Set up an appointment with your advisor to go over the courses you’d like to register for.
    • Bring the Graduate Course Offering projection sheet and two copies of your coursework tracking sheet to this meeting. (Note: Please verify all information on your coursework tracking sheet is correct. If there are any errors, please notify the Graduate Studies Academic and Student Support Associate).
    • Fill out the registration slip, and have your advisor sign and date it.
  3. As soon as possible, set up a 15 minute appointment with the Academic and Student Support Associate in the Graduate Studies Office to submit and go over your registration slip. You may reach the Academic and Student Support Associate at (254) 710-3742. You must set up an appointment before meeting with the Academic and Student Support Associate.
    • Note: Registration slips must be completely filled out, to include the CRN #, Course prefix #, meeting times, advisor’s signature, etc.
  4. The Academic and Student Support Associate will issue registration permits/overrides for courses. Registration will be limited to REL graduate students for two weeks after registration begins. Thereafter registration will be open to students outside the Religion Department.
  5. Check BearWeb for your specific registration date and time. Please contact the Academic and Student Support Associate or Graduate Program Director, Dr. Jim Nogalski (, with any questions you may have.


Note regarding non-Religion electives:

All electives must carry graduate credit, and must appear in the most current Graduate Catalog, which may be accessed here: To obtain a registration permit for such courses, please follow the instructions listed above, as well as contact the Graduate Studies Office of the department you wish to register for a course in, to learn what their office’s process is for outside students to take their courses.