Life at Baylor/Waco

Doctoral studies will necessitate more than just reading, writing, and coursework. Admitted students will dedicate a significant portion of one’s life to the Baylor community, which is situated in Waco. Waco is experiencing a rejuvenation and revitalization, unprecedented in its history. For example, the Downtown District is booming again and, for example, is now home to a vibrant arts community. Please visit the Graduate School’s website here for more details on living in Waco.

Doctoral students can afford to live in Waco. Money goes farther in Waco in comparison with programs in other cities. A mid-size city (135,000 in Waco; 245,000 in McLennan County), Waco is very close to both Dallas and Austin. As a smaller research university in a mid-size city, Baylor is a great place to find community not only among religion students and students in other disciplines but fellow Wacoans, neighbors and friends, who will contribute to the student’s flourishing. Professors, administrators, and community leaders alike are vitally concerned with the well-being of students.

The Chair of the Religion Department notes that the key to completing the PhD is balance. One must have some diversions and life outside of the Tidwell Bible Building and the library.

Many students have started families during their time in the program; a day hardly passes without a baby in the graduate student lounge. Many of the students will gladly help watch children during times of class and work. Such comradery is hard to find at the doctoral level; one just may find it at Baylor. In addition to a collegial atmosphere, students are afforded many benefits, including financial support for conference travel and dissertation research; health insurance subsidies; and parental leave support. For additional information about these and other benefits, please click here.