Outstanding Student Awards

Each spring, the department recognizes two graduating Religion majors with an "Outstanding Student Award."  The award is based upon student GPA.  The recipients for the 2015-2016 academic year were Meagan McIntire and Julianna Marraccino.  Below are profiles of our two recipients.

Julianna Marraccino

Julianna Marraccino is from Orange County, California. She just graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Religion with a concentration in Practical Studies. Her time at Baylor as an undergraduate religion major was very formative on both an intellectual and spiritual level. This fall, Julianna will begin a dual masters degree program with Baylor’s Truett Seminary and Baylor’s Garland School of Social Work, pursuing a Master of Divinity and Master of Social Work. Moreover, Julianna will be working as the Ruth Collins Hall Resident Chaplain for the 2016-2017 school year, serving 600 of Baylor’s freshmen women. 

Meagan McIntire

My name is Meagan McIntire, and I just graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Religion from Baylor. With a concentration in practical studies , I feel much more equipped for ministry. I grew up in the Fort Worth area, and now I have returned there to work as the Girls' Youth Minister at a local church. I feel blessed by the wisdom and support from Baylor professors and students, and I'm excited to see how the Lord uses my knowledge and connections from Baylor for His glory!