You might wonder, "What do I do next?" as you research, write, and complete your dissertation. There are a number of things for which you should be mindful. The following information will be helpful.

Graduate School Guidelines for Preparing the Dissertation/Thesis

The responsibility for the content of your dissertation/thesis rests solely with you and your advisory committee. Also, with guidance from your advisory committee, you are responsible for presenting the document in proper writing style and format. The Graduate School defines in this document the style and format that applies to all dissertations and theses across the university. The purpose of this set of Guidelines is to assist you in doing the job effectively and efficiently. The Guidelines are revised each semester, so be sure you are working with the current version; the most recent edition is available on the Baylor Graduate School website. If you are unable to download a copy, you may obtain one from the Graduate School at the beginning of each semester.

Graduate School Electronic Dissertation and Thesis

Dissertations and Theses are archived digitally in various collections on campus and are made available internationally via UMI Dissertation Services. The quality of these works reflects the standards of Baylor University, the Graduate School, our department, and the professors who work with you on this project. Most importantly, the quality of your dissertation or thesis directly reflects your professionalism. "Starting Point"; information along with a "Submission Checklist"; forms needed for the process; and information about converting to a PDF and combining multiple PDFs will be found here.

Bound Dissertation Copies

As a requirement for graduation, you must provide the Religion Department with two bound copies of your dissertation. A copy will be given to your mentor and one will be archived in the department. At the time you submit your approved and penultimate copy electronically to BearDocs, you should place an order for two bound copies. Once you have submitted proof of the order and shipping to the Religion Department (by way of a receipt or confirmation email), to the Academic and Student Support Associate in the Graduate Studies office, the necessary paperwork for you to graduate will be released. Several options for binding are listed below. These are only options; you may make arrangements for binding however you wish. Baylor University, the Graduate School, nor the Religion Department, officially endorse either of these companies.

Thesis On Demand :online ordering for around $35-$65, depending on number of pages, color pages, etc., plus shipping cost

Houchen Bindery :online ordering; currently $55 + tax and shipping

Regardless of where you choose to have your dissertation copies bound, they should be printed on 8 1/2" x 11" white paper (typically 60#), dark green binding, and gold lettering. Students may opt to print single or double sided at their discretion. The title, author's last name, degree, and year, should appear on the spine. The title and author's full name should be printed on the front cover.