Tidwell Building

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Image of the Tidwell Bible Building

The Tidwell Bible Building is a living memorial to Josiah Blake Tidwell.

More than block upon block and stone upon stone, the building is a place for research and instruction and worship – where Baylor University students through generations of the future may catch a glimpse of the Christian imperative.

The building also is a symbol, telling the world that Biblical truths stand at the center of education at Baylor and evidencing the University's dedication to Christian service. Josiah Blake Tidwell taught the riches of the Scriptures to Baylor students for thirty-six years. He loved young people. He loved the Word of God. He believed devoutly that learning gained in the arts and sciences should be leavened with the Truth of the Christian gospel – giving a reason and a direction for the use of that knowledge.

The thousands of students who studied under Dr. Tidwell realized the greatness of the treasure he had given them. They sought some way to perpetuate to generations of the future his fervor for spiritual understanding and Christian citizenship. Their mutual hopes were organized when 125 met together during the 1936 session of the Baptist General Convention of Texas at Mineral Wells. They projected plans for erection of a Tidwell Bible Building on Baylor's campus, and launched a campaign for funds to bring it to pass.

Eighteen years passed before their dream was realized and thousands of others joined in their plan. The building became a reality in the fall of 1954 – not the simple structure for which they planned, but a magnificent building of seven floors costing some six times their original estimate.

Sixty-eight limestone panels, each weighing a ton and carefully carved by talented craftsmen, tell the story of the Bible in a panorama twice encircling the Tidwell Bible Building.

Sculptors Ira Correll and son, of Austin, were called in to do the carving. Religion professors at Baylor planned out the pictorial representation of the Scriptures.

The Old Testament story is told on the tower, beginning on the west side of the panel with the Creation. Panels on the New Testament begin also on the west side, facing Speight Avenue, along the third floor of the building.


In the order of their appearance, here is a list of the panels:

The Old Testament Story

  1. Creation
  2. Man in the Image of God – "In His Image"
  3. The Garden – Temptation
  4. Man and Woman Expelled from the Garden
  5. Worship – Cain and Abel
  6. The Flood – Ark, Noah
  7. Tower of Babel
  8. The Call of Abraham
  9. The Offering Up of Isaac
  10. Jocob Wrestling with the Angel
  11. Joseph and his Brothers – "We are brethren"
  12. Egyption Servitude
  13. The Call of Moses
  14. Moses before Pharoah
  15. Crossing the Red Sea
  16. Manna from Heaven
  17. God Gives the Law to Moses
  18. David, the Shepherd – "The Lord is my Shepherd"
  19. Dedication of the Temple
  20. Sacrifice of the Great High Priest
  21. Amos, the Prophet
  22. Jonah
  23. Jeremiah – the Weeping Prophet
  24. The Call of Isaiah
  25. Hosea – The Prophet of Love
  26. The Lamb of Sacrifice
  27. Glorified Zion
  28. God in the Life of Man – Isaiah 66:1-2

The New Testament Story

  1. The Good Shepherd
  2. Jesus on the Cross
  3. The Empty Tomb
  4. The Appearance on the Road to Emmaus
  5. The Ascension
  6. Coming of the Spirit
  7. Conversion of Saul of Tarsus
  8. The Great Commission
  9. John on the Isle of Patmos



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