Registration and Add/Drop Procedures for Fall 2022 - Traditional Term

Add/Drop Procedures for Fall 2022 - Traditional Term

  • Once the W period begins, students will drop their courses through the extended drop process. They will contact their advisor, and the advisor will lift their advising flag, allowing the student 72 hours to drop their course in BearWeb.
  • Students will be able to add courses through BearWeb through 8/26/2022
  • Students will be able to drop through BearWeb without permission through 8/28
  • If changing sections of the same course before the W period, drop with DD
  • When dropping a class with a DD, please remember to delete the class from SFAREGS. If the class remains on SFAREGS with DD, it will appear on the student’s schedule via BearWeb, and it would prevent the student from registering for another section of that course as the registration system views that as a duplicate add. Once you’ve entered the DD in the status field, click on Shift F6 to remove and then SAVE.

Self-Paced Correspondence Courses (SPOCS) and Late Start Intensive Courses (LSITS) Add/Drop Procedures


  • Eligible Baylor students and non-degree-seeking students may register for a SPOC between the 6th class date and not later than the end of the 7th week of the fall or spring semester.
  • All SPOC registration must come through OnBase
  • Accelerate Highschool Students must be registered in SPOCS before the start of the Fall/Spring Terms.
  • SPOCS may not be dropped after the 50th Class Day (end of W period)


  • LSITS are 7 Week Intensive Courses running from October 17, 2022 – December 14, 2022
  • LSITS are not open to New Freshman or New Transfers
  • LSITS may not be dropped after the 50th Class Day (end of W period)

Fall 2022 Withdrawals - Traditional Term

Reminder: Starting on the first class day, do not drop a student's full schedule.

University Withdrawal is defined as discontinuing all classes for the current term a student is enrolled. A University Withdrawal occurs on or after the first day of classes, and prior to the University Withdrawal deadline.

Students requiring a University Withdrawal should fill out the University Withdrawal form and be directed to the Center for Academic Success and Engagement to follow appropriate withdrawal procedures.

A student communicating their desire to withdraw to their advisor, or other faculty/staff member does not constitute a University Withdrawal. A University Withdrawal is only initiated once the student submits a University Withdrawal form.

If an advisor or student is unsure if the student requires a University Withdrawal, they should reach out to the Center for Academic Success and Engagement as soon possible. Delays in Withdrawal form submission could impact refund percentages. The date a University Withdrawal form is submitted is the effective date of the University Withdrawal.