Schedule Build Timeline Development

The information on this page applies to the traditional term class schedule build process.

The Class Schedule Build process is an integral part of supporting Baylor students through their academic journey. The sections offered each semester support our student's progress to graduation. Class Schedule Build As the Office of the Registrar develops the class schedule build timeline, we are managing the needs of three groups: Departmental Schedulers, the Office of the Registrar, and the Advising Community.

  • Departmental Schedulers: Departments are focused on kicking off the current term, so we ensure that the ClassAct deadline is after the census date for the active term.
  • Office of the Registrar: The Office of the Registrar Scheduling Team needs time to refine, correct, and assign rooms prior to the schedule’s release. The schedule clean up and room assignment process takes at least two weeks.
  • Advisors: Advisors typically require 6 weeks with the schedule to conduct their advising appointments before early registration begins.
Additionally, the Early Registration schedule opens after the currently active term's drop/withdrawal deadline on the 50th class day.

The Office of the Registrar develops the timeline with the various groups in mind. The dates are set by working backward from the start of early registration, keeping in mind the census date of the current active term.

Example of the Schedule Build timeline for Fall 2022:
Class Schedule Build - Fall 2022