Class Roster Verification - Instructors with Multiple Terms

Currently, our Class Roster Verification system will only display one active term at a time per instructor, so for those programs with the majority of instructors teaching in multiple terms, or for those instructors teaching in multiple terms, we have to rely on the following process to verify your class rosters. We will continue to look in to other solutions to improve the Class Roster Verification process for the instructors teaching in multiple terms.

Please continue to verify your traditional term Class Rosters through the Class Roster Verification System.

Why is the Class Roster Verification Process Important?

More than half of Baylor’s students receive federal financial aid each year in the form of loans or grants. As part of their receiving these funds, we must verify that individual students have begun to attend classes for a given term. The Class Roster Verification process is critical to ensuring that: 1) our academic and financial records are accurate, 2) we comply with federal financial aid regulations (specifically Title IV), and 3) students are not held financially responsible for terms that they do not attend.

Class Roster Verification Process: Subsequent Active Terms

  • Log in to ClassRoll
  • Review your ClassRolls and identify any students who are not participating or engaging in the class
  • Confirm all rosters have been reviewed by emailing Dawn Khoury and include the CRN, Subject code, Course and Section number of the verfied section(s). Also include in your message the name of any student(s) not participating or engaged in your class.