Class Roster Verification

Why is the Class Roster Verification Process (CRV) Important?

More than half of Baylor'’'s students receive federal financial aid each year in the form of loans or grants. As part of their receiving these funds, we must verify that individual students have begun to attend classes for a given term. The Class Roster Verification process is critical to ensuring that: 1) our academic and financial records are accurate, 2) we comply with federal financial aid regulations (specifically Title IV), and 3) students are not held financially responsible for terms that they do not attend.

Class Roster Verification Process

Instructors should verify the class roster for each class section that appears under "Report Participation"
  • Report Participation - Students who are registered but not participating
  • Report Students Not Registered - Students who are participating but not registered
    • Discreetly inform students who have enrollment discrepancies to contact the Office of the Registrar as soon as possible to correct their schedule.
Detailed instructions are available on the Help tab within the system.

How to gauge student participation

Monitoring student participation and engagement carefully is an important part of the CRV process. We do not have a single, uniform approach to attendance recording or monitoring engagement, but, especially for large classes, you may want to consider some of the following options (all of which would satisfy the attendance-taking expectations we have).

For those teaching asynchronous online courses, instructors will need some method to gauge student participation within the first few class days. Therefore, we would recommend having some type of requirement to gauge student participation, even if it is just confirming that they have reviewed the syllabus, etc.
  • Use Canvas to create a weekly activity (e.g., a one-question quiz, a required file upload, or a required comment) that serves as an indication of weekly student activity/engagement in the course
  • Use the Canvas attendance tracking tool to monitor or record attendance in each class period
  • For those who already require students to purchase a license for the Turning Point student system, clickers can be used to record engagement.
For Canvas questions reach out to Library and Academic Technology Services (LATS) team through the HELP+ desk at 254 710-4357. Additionally, the Academy for Teaching and Learning is also prepared to work with faculty on potential attendance monitoring solutions