Instructional Method Set-up

FACE TO FACE (F2F) Instruction:

Sections will appear with assigned days, times and meeting locations, just as you have seen with regular campus-based sections in the past.
  • All departments should plan to return to a more traditional percentage of Face to Face instruction, requiring departments to increase section offerings later in the day.
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure to add the F2F - Face to Face standard note

HYBRID (HYB) Instruction:

Sections will combine the use of in-person class meetings and online instruction components. Students in these sections should expect to meet in-person at least once per week during the scheduled times. Instructors will designate how students will be divided across the meeting days each week. These class sections will be notated as "Hybrid".
  • Hybrid sections should have a section number in the 500 series. Example: 501, 502, 50A, etc.
  • When assigning rooms to these sections, we will assume you are splitting the students across the days met. For example, if max enrollment is 50 and the class meets TR we will assign a room that can hold a minimum of 25.
  • HYBRID instruction will be prioritized in rooms with cameras.
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure to add the HYB - Hybrid Course standard note

Synchronous (SYN) Online Instruction:

Sections will include specified days and times for instruction for which students should plan to be available for class participation online. These sections will be notated as "Synchronous Instruction"
  • Include days and times
  • Campus = OL, Building = Online
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure to add the SYN - Online course with synchronous instruction standard note

Asynchronous (OLN) Online Instruction:

Sections will not include specified days or times. These sections will be notated as "Online"
  • Do not include days and times
  • Campus = OL, Building = Online
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure to add the ONL - Online Course standard note

General notes about Online Instruction (SYN and ONL):

  • All departments should review the pedagogical preferences of their faculty and the scheduling needs of their students to determine if Online instruction remains a necessity.
  • Though infrequent, some International students, students with compromised immune systems, and other populations may require continued online offerings in the Spring 2022 term.
  • We are no longer using OL as part of the section numbering process for online.