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F/FA/NC Grade Submission Values 

These grade values went into effect on 4/29/2021.
Grade Mode Earned Never Attended Stopped Attending* Transcript Final Grade
Standard FE FNA FSA* F
Credit/No Credit NCE NCNA NCSA* NC
*Incomplete and failing grades that indicate a student stopped attending/participating now require a last date of attendance.

Scenario 1: Bruiser B. enrolled in the online section of ENG 1000 and never dropped the course. However, he did not ever login or access any course materials on Canvas. At the end of the term, the appropriate grade to enter for this student would be the appropriate never attended value (FNA, FANA, or NCNA).  Please note that students who are not attending should be reported thru the Class Roster Verification process at the beginning of the term.

Scenario 2: Marigold B. enrolled in the in-person section of ENG 1000 and attended for the first five weeks. However, she stopped attending the course and did not drop it. The appropriate grade to enter for this student would be the appropriate stopped attending value (FSA, FASA, or NCSA) and her instructor would be required to enter an accurate date of last attendance/engagement in the course.

Scenario 3: Baylor B. enrolled in the online section of ENG 1000 and did access the course materials. While they never submitted any assignments or accessed any lectures, they participated in the introductory discussion board post. They stopped participating after that but didn't drop the course. Their grade would be FSA, FASA, or NCSA and their instructor would need to enter an accurate date of last engagement with online course materials.

Scenario 4: Baylor B. enrolls in ENG 1000, participates in the course, but is assigned an incomplete grade at the end of the course.  Due to financial aid requirements, his faculty member is required to enter a last date of attendance/engagement in the course.

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