Fall 2021 Class Scheduling

Important Dates:

  • Thursday, February 25th: Departments begin building their Fall 2021 schedules.
  • Friday, March 12th: ClassAct closes at end of day.
  • Monday, March 15th: Audits emailed to departments for review.
  • Friday, March 19th: ClassAct closes for the Fall Term.
  • Monday, March 22nd – Friday, March 26th: The Office of the Registrar will be working on room assignments and all inquiries should be considered urgent.
  • Monday, March 29th: Schedule of Classes Opens making classes visible to the students.
  • Wednesday, March 31st: Time-tickets viewable in BearWeb (current students)
  • April 12th: Registration opens for Summer/Fall 2021 (current students in BearWeb)
  • April 26th: Registration begins for Summer of Discovery (will register with advisors)
  • May 3rd: Registration begins for Accelerate program students (will register with advisors)
  • June: Orientation activities
  • July 5th: Open registration for New FR (BearWeb; Fall 2021)

Important Notes:

Class Scheduling:
  • Traditional Lecture courses will be scheduled in the attached spaces first. Please see the revised capacities for the Fall 2021 and forward term.
    • This will assist in spreading our schedule across the days and times of the week, and also allow us to prioritize restoring our facilities to more traditional setups.
  • If there is space that you need to schedule that is not currently in use please request we bring it back online by emailing me directly.
    • Following your email request I will loop in Classroom Technology Services, Operations & Facilities, and the appropriate Deans Office to ensure we can meet the needs of your area.
Data Entry within ClassAct:
  • You can update all section details except the section number. All Online section numbers have already been reset to traditional section numbering patterns.
  • It is critical that you use the appropriate prepopulated notes to all Hybrid or Online sections. (See page 22 of the ClassAct Manual for instructions)
FACE TO FACE Instruction:
  • All departments should plan to return to a more traditional percentage of Face to Face instruction, requiring departments to increase section offerings later in the day.
  • All departments should plan to have a minimum of 10% of their schedule offered outside of the 9am to 2pm Prime Times.
HYBRID Instruction:
  • All department needing to accommodate online students but do not have the faculty to teach online only should consider the use of the Hybrid format.
  • Hybrid sections should have a section number in the 500 series. Example: 501, 502, 50A, etc.
  • When assigning rooms to these sections, we will assume you are splitting the students across the days met. For example, if max enrollment is 50 and the class meets TR we will assign a room that can hold a minimum of 25.
  • Make sure to add the HYB - Hybrid Course standard note
  • HYBRID instruction will be prioritized in rooms with cameras.
ONLINE Instruction:
  • All departments should review the pedagogical preferences of their faculty and the scheduling needs of their students to determine if Online instruction remains a necessity.
    • International students, students with compromised immune systems, and other populations may require continued online offerings in the Fall 2021 term.
  • All large courses and courses with multiple sections should have a section that is completely online to accommodate students who suddenly have a need for all-online schedules.
  • We are no longer using OL as part of the section numbering process for online.
  • Synchronous instruction sections should have days and times listed.
  • Make sure to add the ONL - Online Course or SYN - Online course with synchronous instruction standard note
  • Asynchronous instruction sections should not have days and times listed.