View Instructional Method in BearWeb

Courses are offered with varying instructional methods to accommodate student and faculty needs and social distancing guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Face-to-Face (F2F): These sections will appear with assigned days, times and meeting locations, just as you have seen with regular campus-based sections in the past.
  • Hybrid (HYB): These class sections will combine the use of in-person class meetings and online instruction components. Students in these sections should expect to meet in-person at least once per week during the scheduled times. Instructors will designate how students will be divided across the meeting days each week. These class sections will be notated as "Hybrid".
  • Online: Instruction will occur online and categorized as either synchronous or asynchronous.
    • Synchronous (SYN): These sections will include specified days and times for instruction for which students should plan to be available for class participation online. These sections will be notated as "Synchronous Instruction"
    • Asynchronous (OLN): These sections will not include specified days or times. These sections will be notated as "Online"

Students may view the instructional method for their class sections in BearWeb using the Registration + Planning Menu
BearWeb >> Student Academic Services >> Registration >> NEW Registration + Planning >> View Registration Information >> Schedule Details Instr Method 1 - Reg + Plan Instr Method 2 - Reg + Plan Instr Method 3 - Reg + Plan