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Students may view their class schedule in BearWeb using the Registration + Planning Menu
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Courses are offered with varying instructional methods to support instructor, student, and pedagogical needs.

  • Face-to-Face (F2F): These sections will appear with assigned days, times and meeting locations, just as you have seen with regular campus-based sections in the past.
  • Hybrid (HYB): Sections will combine the use of in-person meetings and online instruction components. Students in these sections should expect to meet in-person at least once per week during the scheduled times. Instructors will designate when students are scheduled to meet in-person each week. These class sections will be notated as "Hybrid."

    • IMPORTANT: Make sure to add the HYB - Hybrid Course standard note
    Examples of Hybrid Learning include:
    • The use of the "flipped classroom" model, in which students read texts, watch videos, or complete online assignments before attending a face-to-face session
    • The instructor (or teaching assistant) meets students face-to-face and then supplements those sessions with online asynchronous activities.
    • The instructor builds in online components to supplement the face-to-face component as circumstance necessitates.
    • Students meet mostly online but are then required to attend in-person to a Clinical or Immersion experience.
  • Online: Instruction will occur online and categorized as either synchronous or asynchronous.
    • Synchronous (SYN): These sections will include specified days and times for instruction for which students should plan to be available for class participation online. These sections will be notated as "Synchronous Instruction"
    • Asynchronous (OLN): These sections will not include specified days or times. These sections will be notated as "Online"