Test Kit Address Update Instructions

The University will be mailing COVID-19 test kits to all students in preparation for the Fall 2020 term. The test kits will be mailed to the Test Kit address listed in BearWeb, which will be auto populated from your Student Home address. You do not need to make any changes if the address is correct.

Instructions for Updating your Test Kit Address in BearWeb

Detailed Instructions

Log-in to BearWeb >> Personal Information >> Update Address(es) and Phone(s)

Address Update 1

Select "here" at the top of the page

Address Update 2

Locate your Test Kit address in the list and click on the "current" link

Address Update 3

Enter your current address and select Submit

Address Update 4

If you do not have a Test Kit address for some reason, Insert a Test Kit Address at the bottom of the page

Address Update 5

Complete the Address form and Submit

Address Update 4