U.Achieve Instructional Videos


U.Achieve is Baylor's Degree Audit system that allows students to interactively see their progress towards meeting their degree requirements. The videos below will walk you through how to access U.Achieve and use this great tool to keep you on track for graduation.

Accessing U.Achieve

Learn how to access U.Achieve.



How to Run a Degree Audit

  Learn how to run a Degree Audit in U.Achieve.


How to Run a What-If Degree Audit

  Learn how to run a What-If Degree Audit in U.Achieve.


Understanding Your Degree Audit

  Learn the basics of your Degree Audit.



How to View Courses

  Learn how to view your course history here.



Create a Degree Plan and Use the Planner Tool

  Learn how to create a degree plan and use the planner tool.

Remember: A Plan is NOT a Registration, and does NOT guarantee a seat in the class.