Diploma Distribution for Current Graduates

Please note that diploma production and/or delivery may be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will make every effort to keep this page up-to-date with the most current information. All posted information is subject to change.

When will diplomas be ordered?

  • Diplomas normally will be ordered within seven (7) business days of the graduation date. Due to the Christmas break, December graduate diplomas will be ordered when Baylor University reopens in January.
  • Contact your degree planner before graduation with any questions about the name to be printed on your diploma.
  • Contact Sandra Groves@baylor.edu with any concerns about your diploma.

Where will my diploma be sent?

  • Diplomas are sent to each student's home address, as entered in BearWeb.
  • All students should log into BearWeb to verify/update their home address information prior to graduation. Be sure to select the "home address" option not "local" or "residence".
  • For international addresses, please see additional instructions below.

How will my diploma be sent?

  • Diplomas will be sent via the United States Postal Service, unless you provide Sandra Groves with a prepaid UPS or Federal Express shipping label for your diploma to be shipped before the diploma order is placed.
  • Diplomas will be shipped from a facility in Virginia where they are produced within twelve (12) business days from the order being placed.
  • Typical delivery times are 1-2 weeks for domestic delivery or 4-8 weeks for International delivery.
  • Diplomas will be shipped in a white 11.5" x 14.5" cardboard envelope.
  • You will receive an email from info@cecredentialtrust.com with a subject line "Diploma Notification - DO NOT REPLY" the day they are shipped. If your address is within the United States, you may email Sandra_Groves @baylor.edu to obtain a tracking number. This will allow you to register to receive notifications by email or text regarding your package. Please include your student ID in all correspondence.

International Addresses

  • After confirming your home address on BearWeb, we recommend emailing Sandra_Groves @baylor.edu with an accurate address in both English and your native language. BearWeb does not always allow correct formatting for International addresses.
  • Use this link www.usps.com to read the requirements for an accurate address to be shipped via the United States Postal Service Internationally.
  • Packages are not traceable outside of the United States when shipped via USPS. Please contact Sandra_Groves @baylor.edu for options.

Degree Conferral and Degree Verification

When will my degree be posted and available for verification?

  • We expect all degrees to be posted within 5-10 business days of graduation.
  • As soon as degrees are posted, the conferral date will be visible on the student’s “screen-optimized” unofficial transcript in BearWeb. (Note: they will usually NOT appear on the print-optimized unofficial in BearWeb, as that transcript does not update once the student graduates.)
  • Once the student sees the degree conferral date on their unofficial transcript, they will know it is fine to order official final transcripts or degree verification letters as needed.

Diploma, Verification Letter, or Transcript?

  • Diplomas are considered ceremonial documents and are not intended for degree verification purposes.
  • To verify your degree, please request a Degree Verification Letter or an Official Transcript, both of which are free and available by mail or electronically.
  • Internationally, the diploma is sometimes preferred by universities or employers for verification purposes. To authenticate your diploma as official proof of degree, you may need to go through the Apostille process with the Texas Secretary of State, depending on the requirements of the country where you plan to work or study.

Staff members at the Office of the Registrar are always available to answer your questions. Please call 254-710-1181 or email Registrar@baylor.edu for assistance.