Non-certified Commencement Participation Policy

Effective for the December 2019 University ceremonies, Baylor University is moving to a non-certified University commencement. The policy below provides the guidelines for determining eligibility to walk.

Please note the caveat in the policy below for all doctoral candidates planning to attend University Commencement Ceremonies.
What is a Certified vs. Non-Certified Commencement?
Certified Commencement requires a student to complete all degree requirements and be certified for the degree in order to participate in a commencement ceremony.

Non-Certified Commencement provides the opportunity for a student close to completing all degree requirements to participate in a commencement ceremony.
Commencement Participation Eligibility Policy

A student seeking a bachelors, master's, or Education Specialist degree, who was enrolled in or has completed sufficient coursework to complete degree requirements in a term, may participate as a degree candidate in commencement ceremonies at the end of that term. (For the purposes of determining sufficient coursework under this policy, a student must have received a final grade, an incomplete notation (I), or a withdrawal notation (W) for relevant coursework.) Students who withdraw from the University in the term and have not been certified for completion of a degree may not participate.

Doctoral candidates, in the following programs, must be certified as having completed their degree in order to participate in commencement ceremonies at the end of a term:

  • PhD
  • PsyD
  • EdD
  • DMA
  • DSC

Revised October 13, 2021
Commencement Participation Questions

Please contact your degree planner if you have questions regarding your eligibility to walk.